Sunday, 6 September 2015

Independence  Day'15: 68 years of loss and gain

After 200 years of bitter slavery, the Golden bird was freed on 15th August 1947.
The day is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm all over. Delhi, the national capital looks like a beautiful bride decorated in tricolor.
The country and the countrymen have seen great ups and downs both in the pre and post-independence period.
Where the post-independence period saw Indians treated as slaves in their own country, the initial years of post-independence period were still better; but just better not the best.
The people of India have seen a lot during these 68 years and it’s time to note them down, the mixed bag comprises of:
1) Unemployment, poverty, epidemics and economic depression became a part and parcel of life.
2) Little or no education for the poor
3) Natural disasters revealed the country weakness and lack of preparedness
4) Loss of great political leaders like Mahatma, Rajiv and Indira Gandhi due to assassination is a big blow to country even today.
5) Terror attacks like 26/11, the recent Gurdaspur incident and numerous others have given India helpless orphans and widows.

But after all these losses and many more, India has managed to survive and not only that but grow also.
Let’s boost up of our gains people!!
1) Constitution of India was the first and the strongest pillar of  independent India
2) The shudras or the Harijans got reservation in jobs, schools and colleges.
3) Introduction of the policy of L.P.G in 1991 put India on the World's Economic Map, and helped boost secondary and tertiary sectors along with the agro sector.
4) Not only on the Economic front but also in the Science and Astro sector, the country made its mark with Aryabhatt, Vayu,  Agni and Prithvi.
5) Swatch Bharat Mission, Make in India, Digital India projects have caught an International Eye and appreciation.
Concluding all we can say is "SaareJahan se Acha Hindustan hamara".

Jai Hind

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