Monday, 7 September 2015


The United States leading the world since a considerable period is now at a brink. It is lagged by the upcoming superpower of world - China, as it has touched the skies economically. But only economy does not decide the growth alone of any nation. Gross Domestic Price, population, needs of citizens, hygiene, and living standards must be taken into account as well.

Moving ahead, Napoleon Bonaparte once predicted that China when in power will astound the earthlings and leave them stupendous as he said "Let China sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world.

Researches were done, articles, writings and books were published all on the significant rise of China and envisaging its dominance of the world but I take a rigid stance that it cannot superpower the entire world. Moreover research declared that China is not rising but only returning to the position it once held. China and U.S. has got a substantial difference in size of its population, employment rates, poverty, and investments. Though China has invested billions in oils and Natural gas agencies but it needs to complete its internal and external challenges as well. China has to dig an abyss and fill it with all the policies, political and social changes assiduously to make both the ends meet.

Completely in the motion of when things are raised about China's economy as economic growth rate has increased marvelously which has influences its profit ground in different continents. Asia eminently and spreading its air among Africa, South America and parts of Latin America. It is predicted that its economic growth is running with a very high pace and it will further expand in future. Proceeding on to its further achievements, China is prolifically shaking hands with Africa, Brazil and South America yet to become powerful nations though and as mentioned earlier due to its relations with the oil and gas rich countries, China has a secure future in terms of its energy needs which constitute as indispensable elements for any nation.

Nevertheless all these with attempts and investments, China cannot be considered in a list of superpowers. It needs to ponder on the alarming levels of population which has given way to the problem of gender imbalance due to the government's "one-child policy". China should be able to secure jobs for at least two-third of its population to maintain its economic growth. China's economy is at zenith today in terms of infrastructure, trade, internet usage and migration has marked its growth. It's GDP increased stupendously from 14 to 17% and surpassed USA GDP but China's per capita GDP is still less than US which is another thoughtful reason why it cant be a superpower. Though International Monetary Fund had researched and concluded that it is the first economic superpower.

Another factor which should be taken into account is its fertility rate which is again low. When all of the factors are summed up together, China can not become a super power untill it fights its own domestic issues and it needs to rise not only economically but socially and politically as well.

Priyanka Chugh

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