Wednesday, 30 December 2015

1KG of Cotton is not equal to 1KG of Iron

The amount of physical work a blacksmith does in making a work piece is much greater than what a gold smith does. So quite obviously, the black smith is much more hard working than the gold smith is! But then, if we are to compare the precision, intricacy, and value (monetary) of the work done, the gold smith’s work is much more valuable.
So the question arises, what should be right parameter to judge which of the two is better?
The answer to this question is, the very idea of comparing two things which are so different altogether is completely wrong. How can we compare a cricketer and an actor on the number of runs scored, or the number of movies made! Wouldn’t the comparison be utter non-sense?
Nowadays, we all talk about how women are compared to men all the time and thought of as lesser mortals and are discriminated against. This is what “Gender Inequality” is.
A simple google search explains “Gender inequality refers to unequal treatment or perceptions of individuals based on their gender. It arises from differences in socially constructed gender roles as well as biologically through chromosomes, brain structure and hormonal differences.”
Gender inequality is quite prevalent in our society and it dates back to ancient times. In India, women were always thought of as housewives and housekeepers, and were confined to the four walls of the home. They weren’t allowed to study, learn, explore or take up professional careers. Not only this, they were also not allowed to take part in any family discussions and were never a part in decision making.
Consider as an example, women’s voting rights. It was only in the 19th century, that Women Suffrage Movements started, that too in a very few countries. In India, it was only in 1947, that universal adult suffrage (including women), was introduced.
Even in the modern world, even if women are given some opportunities and are allowed to work, or to take up sporting careers, they are not treated as equals. The fact that equal work to men doesn’t earn equal pay to women is inexplicable.
The difference in the prize money for a men’s event and a women’s event of the same competition shows the narrow mindedness of the society. It is these very factors, which cause for a need to compare them.
Now, just like in the movie, “Chak De India”, do women  in every field need to fight out the men in their profession to prove their worth? Is there a need for this comparison at all?
The answer is NO! Just like it is unfair to compare an actor and a cricketer, an engineer and a doctor, a black-smith and a gold-smith, it is equally unfair to compare man and woman.
If some chauvinist is to say that man has more physical strength and power, then at the same time, a woman has much more patience, love and compassion. God made his creations differently. Each one of us has a different role to play. If a man was meant for muscle and power,  a woman was meant for the heart. They complement each other, they complete each other. They are both perfect for the roles they are assigned to play!
So, if in an office, a work is assigned, it should be assigned irrespective of the sex of the person, and the pay should be for the “work assigned”, and not for the gender accomplishing it. Similarly, if the competition is a world championship, the prize money should be decided for the “World Champions” and not for the men’s world champions or women’s world champions.

So yes, man and woman are different. But it is this difference which defines them and makes them perfect for the work they do. It gives them their own identity. They are here to do different things, so we need to stop comparing them, and discriminating amongst them on the basis of any parameters at all!


Himanshu Mangla

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