Saturday, 18 July 2015


The internet is the new language of the 21st century. It provides a platform to interact, connect, access knowledge, network and earn. Its success lies in fostering innovation, sharing vast knowledge, accessing  new ways of doing business e-commerce, online services and giving opportunity to discover and learn without any discrimination of charging differently for site, content, website etc. Internet is free for all.
But unfortunately telecom operators like Airtel and Vodafone want to lobby more money by charging internet users according to sites they visit. They have requested TRAI to allow them to block websites and apps to exhort money from customers and providers so that they can access it. It is a strong  violation of principle of net neutrality. This will be a big blow to small start ups which rely on internet for expanding their business. It will be advantageous for big companies like flipkart to capture the entire market. Many small companies will be destroyed by big players in the market. There will be no new Zuckerberg or Sachin Bansal in future. It will be difficult for developers to launch their apps on net. Many internet sites will not be available in India. The internet will be divided into two parts i.e free and paid. Users will face difficulty in accessing sites at their will. It will truly be the end of the freedom of internet.

In order to save our right to a free net, There has been widespread protest against telecom operators
Various organisations have started #Savetheinternet pages on Facebook to protest against it. The popular youtube comedy channel“ALL INDIA backchod” launched a video Save the internet” to protest and create awareness about net neutrality. People have written millions of letters to TRAI against the telecom companies demand. There is lot of criticism and anger among the people. Many politicians and movie stars have spoken against it.
I hope TRAI will pay heed to this protest and save our right to free internet.

Tanvi Prakash

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