Saturday, 20 September 2014


With a striking contrast prevailing in us while we revere  our  neighbors by calling them  brothers and on the other  we  mercilessly  harm  them  and  dislike  their  very  existence next to us. This hypocrisy emerges as a bleak scenario in the living century.

Well acquainted of the  Indo-Pak  enmity which born  out  of  a  bloody  partition in 1947 and trapped in  an  endless  cycle  of  conflict following the  Kashmir  issue  being  the  bone  of  contention  between  the  two  countries. This is a topic that thrills both the sides disrupting harmony. Indeed the peace where we claim to resolve dispassionately and realistically.

All of were destined with limiting choice of either  an  Indian  or  a  Pakistani. If  the  good lord  had  consulted  the  people  on  the  subject,  they  would’ve  chosen  a  country  more  affluent  unconcerned with  religious  and  border  issues with no disputes. Especially disputed territory.

Over the years, it has grown so severe with issues of terrorism and wars that its resolution appears an issue itself. The  Mumbai attack and Kargil War have left imprints that need to be solved with the generation worth handling it!  
Both  the  countries  are  home  to  billion  beating  hearts  whose  dreams  grow  big  with  each  passing  day; both  have  slums  and  multiplexes  existing  side  by  side  and aspirants with dreams striving in universities and  whose  noisy  roads  hold an attribute of industrialization. Our roots of culture and tradition stands almost at par which is evident in daily lives.    

Past generations of previous two centuries have literally put in their souls not to see us battling with no conclusion. They did their part of unification. We shall now take it to higher level of resolving socio-economic problems and becoming competent partners and bonded neighbors.

Every other  year  or  when  a  new  government  forms, both  the  countries  express  willingness  to  begin  a  new  chapter  of  bilateral  relations  but  at   the  end, all  efforts  waters  down  and  then  we  are  back  on  each  other’s  neck.
How  many  more  innocent  lives  do  we  want?  Whom  does  it  benefit?   No one  can  become  powerful  by  being  cruel  to  the  innocent  people.  The  world  can’t  afford  a  new  war. It  would  not  be  in  anybody’s  interest. Wars  will  only  destroy  the  limited  institutions  that  exist  in  our  countries. Infact, there  is  more  to  each  of  our  lives  than  this  gore  and  bloodshed.

It  is  high  time  that  we  improve  relations  with  each other  which  in  the  long  run  is  the  single  important  prerequisite  of  peace  and  stability. It  has  been  two-third  of  a  century  into  both  our  country’s  independence  and  yet  we  are  stuck  on  the  same  page. Instead, we must have more of exchange programmes that would enrich our culture and social being which we can easily associate with. 

Let’s  try  to  see  virtue  in  each  other  and  focus  on  solution  instead  of  problem. Practicing  forgiveness  isn’t  the  only  right  way  to  live  but  also  the  healthy  way.
Let’s  think  it  over!  In  the  words  of  Swami  Vivekanand ; Awake, rise  and  be  enlightened.


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