Friday, 22 August 2014

I think about that night

I think about that night,
when they killed my being.
My soul was crying,
but no one could see.
She kept weeping on my body,
her pain was all that i could hear.
" My child, your mother is here. Just hold me near".
I shouted like a child,
I shouted in pain.
They ripped me apart,
Nothing to loose nothing to gain.
When i suffered the death, you talk about the pain.
My life got the thunder, 
and you talk about the rain.
You talk about my dignity,
you mention Dos and Don'ts.
And in discussing everything about me,
you forgot , that life was my own.
If you still think that what was happening
the mantras could control,
Then go and question the Lord,
who took away my soul.

Apeksha Victor

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